25 DIY Backyard Games

We've compiled 25 Awesome Backyard Games, that you can build yourself, to create more memories and engage in some family friendly competition. All of these games are suitable for any occasion, age and skill level!

diy backyard game ideas projects

These family friendly projects are quick and easy!  A great way to use up some scraps from the shop and get creative.

Enjoy getting outside this summer and remember to always be a good sport!

Please tag #anawhite when you do build!



1. Cornhole

cornhole diy cornhole cornhole game beanbag toss

Cornhole, one of the best loved outdoor games! To make this build as easy as possible, we have created a free, downloadable PDF to build your own corn hole boards. All it takes is a drill and jig saw to build this cornhole game!

If you're looking for a DIY Cornhole Scoreboard, check out this plan by The Handyman's Daughter!



2. Four Square Volleyball

crossnet knockoff 4 square volleyball

This Four Square Volleyball plan is so easy and inexpensive and will provide hours of fun! Just grab some rope and 1x2's and you'll be playing in the matter of minutes. Easy to put up and take down and doesn't need a large area to play!



3. Multi Sport Goal Net

street hockey net goal net diy goal net

Make your own street hockey, lacrosse or soccer goal!  Heavier than PVC so won't blow away in the wind, but inexpensive and easy to make! A great gift idea and it will encourage kids to get outside and play!

Built by Jaime Costiglio



4. Kerplunk Outdoor Game

outdoor game diy kerplunk

The original Kerplunk game is small, made from plastic, and is mainly for indoor use. To make it more interesting and to encourage kids to spend more time outdoors, The DIY PLAN built a Giant DIY Kerplunk Game with a wire mesh screen. This is a great backyard game for any occasion or a party!



5. Outdoor Plinko

diy plinko outdoor plinko

Who doesn't love Plinko? This game is the perfect addition to backyard parties (kid or adult parties), school carnivals, or as part of a kids playroom. It will provide lots of fun with family and friends. It's a classic game that crosses all generations.

by Nick and Alicia



6. Outdoor Game Table

outdoor game table checkers table chess table outdoor table

This DIY Outdoor Game Table top flips over and you have a choice of a tic-tac-toe game, checkers or chess! Don’t feel like playing a game? This table can double as an outdoor coffee table! It’s a super easy build, and the perfect weekend project!

by Shanty 2 Chic 



7. Giant Jenga Game

giant jenga game yard game

Check out this giant sized version of Jenga for the yard! We love that the game includes the storage box for easy clean up and storage! Have fun finishing with bright colors or keep it natural. 

by The Idea Room



8. Mini Gold Putt Game

mini golf putt game

Build a mini golf putting green for your backyard! 

by Jaime Costiglio 



9. Folding Ping Pong Table

diy ping pong table folding ping pong table

A DIY Ping Pong Table that folds, an awesome addition to an outdoor space! It's easy to store away and when folded only takes up a 10" wide footprint.

Shared by Jen Woodhouse



10. Four in a Row Yard Game

connect four diy connect four huge connect 4 four in a row yard game

A giant yard version of Connect 4, how cool is this! The perfect backyard game to add for backyard family tournaments and easy to store away when not being used.

by Build Basic



11. Lawn Dominoes

diy dominoes lawn dominoes backyard dominoes

Inspired by summer game-nights, Iron and Twine decided to make an oversized version of a classic game, DIY Lawn Dominoes!  Have fun by adding a splash of color that screams summertime and get playing!

by Iron and Twine



12. Yard Dice

yard dice diy dice

Yard dice can be spendy, this DIY version uses free scrap 4x4 pieces! Basically any game that uses dice can be played outside using these oversized dice, how fun!

by Rogue Engineer



13. DIY Bowling Lane

diy bowling bowling lane build your own bowling lane

Bowling in the backyard, I'm game!

by Handmade with Ashley



14. Jumbo Tic Tac Toe

outdoor games tic tac toe outdoor diy tic tac toe jumbo tic tac toe

Jumbo Tic Tac Toe for the backyard and for outdoor parties is a great addition and super easy to build!

by Ginger Snap Crafts



15. Wooden Ladder Toss Game

ladder toss game outdoor game diy ladder toss

If you’re looking for a good lawn game to add to your next barbecue get-together party, check out this DIY Ladder Toss Game The DIY Plan  made from 2x4s. It takes only a few hours to build it. If you haven’t yet discovered the world of ladder toss, check it out now!




16. Giant Wall Scrabble Game

giant scrabble wall scrabble diy scrabble

If you have a nice covered outdoor area, this Giant Wall Scrabble Game will be a fantastic addition!

by Jen Woodhouse



17. Baseball Bean Bag Toss

baseball bean bag toss bean bag toss diy bean bag toss

Under a covered area, here is another awesome game to add to the great outdoors. Do you have a competitive spirit? This fun bean bag baseball game will be a big hit at family gatherings! 

Check out all the details at Jaime Costiglio, she does an awesome job laying it all out, as always!



18. Football Toss Game

football toss game outdoor football toss

Using cedar boards create a fun outdoor football toss game! Finish it however you'd like or keep it natural.

By Cherished Bliss



19. Standing Hook and Ring Game

hook and ring game

If you're looking for an inexpensive and fun backyard game, this hook and ring game is a great addition for more fun! Full instructions are included in the link below.

by H2O Bungalow



20. Tabletop Hook and Ring Game

tabletop hook and ring game hook and ring tutorial

If you have an outdoor dining area, here us another version of the hook and ring game for the tabletop! 

by Rogue Engineer



21. Ring Toss Game

ring toss game yard game diy ring toss

A simple ring toss game for the yard is sure to please all players! This classy take on the traditional carnival game is also easy to dismantle and store away when not in use.

by Anika's DIY Life



22. DIY Ultimate Horseshoe Pit

diy horseshoe pit ultimate horseshoe pit

This ultimate horseshoe pit will be a family favorite game! This will be a permanent fixture in the yard, easy to get out and play anytime.

by Houseful of Handmade



23. Chip Shot Golf Game

chip golf diy backyard golf game

This DIY backyard chip shot golf game is a combination of corn hole and golf and so much fun to play. 

by Addicted 2 DIY



24. Backyard Slingshot

backyard slingshot diy slingshot large slingshot

This backyard slingshot can be used for a variety of things. From water balloon fights to balls knocking over Homer bucket pyramids, this slingshot will be a hit kids of any age. 

Shared by Rogue Engineer



25. Washer Toss Game

washer toss game

Washer toss, what is that? Another quick and easy project!

Washer toss is a fun, family-friendly game that you play with two teams and is somewhat similar to cornhole. The teams split up and a member from each stands with an opponent at one of the game boards and tosses washers into the other game board, 15 feet away. Each team takes turns tossing the washers to the other game board, trying to score points. The team that reaches 21 points first, without going over, is the winner.

Shared by Addicted 2 DIY