Top 10 - Most Loved Brags of 2023!

So many amazing projects were built in 2023.  We looked through thousands of brag posts, and found the most loved of all! 

We love how each of these projects has it's own story and twist, afterall that is the spirit of DIY!  We'd like to take this moment to thank you for continuing to build and share 1000's of amazing projects every year.

Let the countdown begin!!!



1. Student Sideboard and Hutch

diy sideboard and hutch

Image Credit: Mike Orr

Download Plans Here

Like 81,000
Comments: 5,500
Reach: 3.7 Million

This is the MOST LOVED BRAG POST of 2023! 

"This is the Shanty Chic Side Board and Hutch that some of my high school students chose to build. It is going to the Texas state contest in Corpus Christi next week." 

After this was posted I received an update from their teacher - "The students received best of show, overall winner! Your plans. Skills USA state contest in Corpus Christ Texas!” Mike Orr






2. Shared Room Loft Beds with Desks

loft beds

Image Credit: Jimmy Terrell

Download Plans Here

Likes: 22,700
Comments: 2,400 
Reach: 4.4 Million

Most controversial post of 2023, it gained a lot of views and many people had things to say about it, some loved it and others not so much. We love the idea of placing lofts in a long room like this with desks or extra play space underneath!






3. Family Bed

double king farmhouse bed

Image Credit: Heather Marryann

Download Plans Here

Likes: 10,100
Comments: 2,200
Reach: 1.1 Million


Now THAT'S A BED, people were intrigued with this one!

"Using Ana White's farmhouse king size plans and modifying them to stretch it out big enough to hold 2 queen mattresses! TWO! So this bed had to be HUGE 120 inches WIDE! And 80 inches long! We needed it strong enough, sturdy enough, BIG enough to fit this family of 5 and their 3 Doberman's." - Heather Marryann





4. Outdoor Workbench with Sink

outdoor sink

Image Credit: Reader Build

Download Plans Here

Likes: 10,000
Comments: 331
Reach: 2.5 Million

People loved the outdoor sink addition!

"Used sturdy workbench plans with 2x6 cedar top for outdoor sink. Turned out much better than I expected!!" - Reader Build






5. Compact Potting Bench

compact potting bench

Image Credit: Family DIYnamic

Download Plans Here

Likes: 9,200
Comments: 492
Reach: 288,000

People loved seeing a compact version of our farmhouse potting bench plans!

"I used Ana's farmhouse potting bench plans and modified it to be more compact and left out the x detail. I built it for under $40 in material." - Family DIYnamic






6. Farmhouse Craft Desk

farmhouse desk

Image Credit: Twisted River Design Co.

Download Plans Here

Likes: 7,400
Comments: 394
Reach: 1.3 Million

Everybody loved this little crafty corner!

"It’s screaming creative clutter, but at least I got it built! Thank you so much Ana White for the desk plans." - Twisted River Design Co.






7. Homework Storage Desk

kids craft desk

Image Credit: Kelly Stern

Download Plans Here

Likes: 6,300
Comments: 166
Reach: 2.3 Million

A great repurpose project!

"I modified the plan to allow for wider shelves on the legs. I also made the width of the desk 22” instead of 24” to accommodate the size of the repurposed coffee table I used for the desktop." - Kelly 






8. Open Air Greenhouse

open air greenhouse

Image Credit: Michele McDonald

Download Plans Here

Likes: 4,500
Comments: 320
Reach: 205,000

Inspiring greenhouse project!

"I finally blogged about the dream garden the hubs built for me last year! I have all the construction details and what we grew last year vs what we're growing this year. Overall greenhouse design from Ana White." - Michele McDonald






9. Firepit Swings

firepit swings

Image Credit: Heather Hannon

Download Plans Here

Likes: 4,300
Comments: 521
Reach: 414,000

This builder showed us how to incorporate porch swings around the firepit!

"Fall project with inspiration from my favorite wood working designer Ana White." - Heather Hannon






10. Fireplace Wall with Built-in's

built in fireplace wall

Image Credit: Emily Greenhalgh Brown

Download Plans Here

Likes: 2,400
Comments: 167
Reach: 302,000

Since posting this plan this fireplace has been built so many times and every one is different. Love this one with the built-in's around it!

"I had a bit of vision on it, we planned it all out together, but Jeremy is the one who executed it all and he did amazing! He’s such a craftsman!" - YAY for teamwork - @Emily




Top 10 - Most Loved Brags of 2023!