25+ Pretend Play - Toy Plans

Create hours of home playtime, device free, by building your child pretend play pieces.  From play kitchens to farmer's market stands, and everything in between, encourage the pretend play!

play kitchen diy

Simple Play Kitchen 


Build your own play kitchen and customize and accessorize to match your home.  This children's kitchen is so adorable! Our free plans use off shelf materials and simple building skills.  This plan is for the play kitchen sink and stove.  We also have free plans for the matching play kitchen fridge. 

kids play stoveFoodie Play Stove

Inspired by Land of Nod, this looks like the real thing! To make this wood play kitchen stove, we used up 1 - 1x12 board (about $15 here) and the rest was scrap wood random stuff left over from various other projects.  Save the little stuff - it's what can transform a $15 board into a solid wood play kitchen!

all in one play kitchen

Play Kitchen with Back Wall

How cute is this play kitchen?!

A new, easy to build play kitchen!  The kitchen is just 1x12 boards (the door too) and the back is an off the shelf 24" x 48" plywood panel, so no difficult cuts needed. Have fun designing the back to create a one of a kind play kitchen for your child.

Built and shared by Jaime Costiglio

one piece play kitchenOne Piece Play Kitchen by DIYMOMOF4

The goal of this plan is to create a play kitchen that is one piece, perhaps a little more compact without losing the storage.  

tabletop play kitchen

Portable Tabletop Play Kitchen

Built and shared by Jaime Costiglio

DIY tabletop play kitchen that folds up into a small storage box. So smart and would make a great handmade gift!

retro play kitchen

Retro Play Kitchen Dish Hutch

DIY retro play kitchen dish hutch for kids! I love the retro styling, and how it's not too girly.  I very much appreciate that my husband helps in the kitchen and can cook, and definitely want my son to be just as comfortable in the kitchen.  So why not start him out early and encourage our little man to cook from the beginning?  A gender neutrel kitchen was the trick.


coffee stand pretend play

Play Coffee and Esspresso Cart

Built and Shared by Jaime Costiglio

We are so excited about this pretend play coffee cart - complete with an espresso machine made from scrap wood!  It’s so darling, you’ll want this in your living room.


play ice cream cart

Play Ice Cream Cart

Built and Shared by Jaime Costiglio

Are you looking of the perfect Christmas gift for your little ice cream lover?  This adorable ice cream cart is made of wood, and features rolling wheels and a roomy ice cream storage area.

pretend play stand

Play Stand

Built and Shared by Jaime Costiglio

This is an ultimate play stand. Your child will love this pretend play stand that becomes a play market, play post office, puppet theater, lemonade stand - or much more!  

farmers market play stand

Farmer's Market Play Stand

Built and Shared by Jaime Costigio

This mini sized farmer's market stand can create hours of pretend play!  Customize, accessorize, or paint any color! It's an easy build with free step by step plans and diagrams.

Play vendor cart

Street Vendor Play Cart

Built and Shared by Jaime Costiglio

What will your budding entrepreneur "sell" from their vendor cart? Whatever your child dreams up, this little pretend play toy street vendor cart will make it all possible. It's a beautiful solid wood piece, that is easy to make out of 1x3 boards that you can customize to your heart's content.

preschool play stand

Preschool Pretend Play Lemondade Stand

Built and Shared by Jaime Costiglio

Make this adorable diy lemonade cart!  Can also be used as a play cart bakery or popcorn stand! Sized smaller for preschoolers. 

pretent play cashier stand

Play Market with Roll Out Cashier Stand

Built and Shared by Jaime Costiglio

Wheel out the check stand and open for business!  This pretend play set is perfect for imaginative play - play market, store, post office, bakery - anything they can dream up! 


kids play tea cart

Kids Play Tea Cart

Built and Shared by Jaime Costiglio

This adorable kids tea cart is designed for toddlers, and is made of wood and stair spindles for legs.  It's sturdy and easy to make, sure to be treasured!

indoor playhouse

Indoor Farmhouse Playhouse

Playhouses aren't just for outdoors, and let's be honest, "playing house" is the ultimate fun in pretending! Sized similar to play tents, so it fits anywhere, but won't break and feels more like a playhouse. This well thought out plan maximizes material use

puppet pretend

Tabletop Pretend Play Puppet Stage/Storefront

Built and Shared by Jaime Costiglio

This plan is so simple and super verstatile! Easily converting from a tabletop puppet theater to a storefront - children will love playing for hours.  It's a simple DIY project made with just one 1x6 board and some 1x3 pieces.  You can customize and personalize it to make it even more special.


dress up storage

Dress Up Storage

Built and Shared by Craftiness is Not Optional

 This dress up storage project features a hanging closet rod and lots of storage for all the accessories and the shoes in the open base. Perfect for little boys and girls who love to dress up! Store it all in one place, making it easy to pick out their "ever changing" characters and outfits. Stores nicely away when they're done.



dress up rail simple dress up stand

Dress Up Rail

Built and Shared by Jaime Costiglio

DIY Dress Up Rail made from stair spindles!  Do your children love dress up?  Part of the fun is having storage just as beautiful as your dresses! This would work great for laying out clothes for the next day too!


kids play theatre booth

Theatre Ticket Booth

Kids love to put on shows!  Make a ticket booth for them to use at the doorway to encourage sign ups.  Free plans from Ana-White.com


wardrobe stand for kids dress up

Play Dress Up Wardrobe

Built and Shared by Jaime Costiglio

Build a dress up wardrobe to keep all the costumes and accessories organized! This plan includes hooks, a closet rod and extra storage for accessories and shoes. Give it as a gift and add some new costumes, the kids will be sure to love it!

easy build lemonade stand

EASY BUILD Lemonade Stand

This super easy to build lemonade stand is made of fence pickets to keep the cost down.  Free plans include diagrams, shopping list and cut lists.


fancy dress up tpwer

Fancy Dress Up Tower

Built by Beckie Decker

If you're looking for a fancy version to store dress up clothes, this tower is it. Add a mirror so the children can admire their look!

play vanity

Storage Tower Play Vanity

Complete the pretend play and dress up with this kids sized vanity. The towers make it easy to store all the things!

stair balluster play vanity

Stair Balluster Vanity 

Built and Shared by Jaime Costiglio

Another darling vanity with drawer storage! This plan doesn't take up a ton of space. Be sure to check out the super cute stool plan that goes with it!

pretend gas pump bookshelf

Vintage Inspired Gas Pump Cabinet with Booskshelves

Built and Shared by Jaime Costigio

While the kids let's their imaginations run wild while reading their favorite books, create a darling gas pump cabinet and bookshelf for even more pretend play!

diy easel

Art Easel Stand

Built and Shared by Jaime Costiglio

What better way to allow creativity and imagination than with a blank slate. This easel for kids features a double sided design with trays and surfaces of your choice on each side.  The center holds a paper roll that can feed to either side easily.

toy grill

Wood Play Toy Grill

Built and Shared by Jaime Costiglio

For the outdoor cooking experience, how adorable is the wood play grill!!! 



play mud kitchen

Play Mud Kitchen

Great for outdoor play! My kids have always loved play kitchens, and I've built many.  But not having a working sink with real running water always required alot of imagination. 

Now you can build a mud kitchen with a REAL WORKING SINK for your child! 

The best part of the kitchen is the sink!  Right? 

diy sand and water tableSand and Water Play Table

Built and Shared by Jaime Costiglio

Using inexpensive Home Depot totes, this sand and water table can be "covered" when the kids are done playing! We've included a bottom shelf for all the fun tubs, shovels and extras to make play time easy to put away and clean up!


Want even more DIY Outdoor Playhouse Projects? Here's a round up of some of our favorites!

free playhouse plans





25+ Pretend Play - Toy Plans