25+ Dining Tables You Can Build Today

The dining table is where memories happen, stories are told and people gather. 

We have compiled 25 of our favorite plans, whether you're wanting to upgrade your existing table, or need more seating for the upcoming holidays, we have you covered! 

Using basic tools and materials, whether you are a beginner woodworker or an experienced woodworker, these plans will work for any skill set. 

Any of these tables can be built in time for your next gathering! FREE Plans for each and every table shown here, linked below. 

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25 Dining Tables You Can Build Today!



1. 60" Round Table Top

round table top plan

This is a 60" round tabletop built from 1x6's, it may look difficult, but with a little ingenuity, can be achieved fairly easily! A round table has a much different feel than a rectangle or square, and may fit a room or space better. It feels more cozy and intimate. A round table is great for family game nights, homework and dinnertime!  



2. 8' Long Picnic Table

large picnic table diy

Picnics and outdoor dining are a sure sign of summertime! We've designed this 8' long picnic table that will seat many and create a great gathering space for outdoor picnics, birthday parties, crafts, barbecues and more! We have have a standard size picnic table plan available on the site too!



3. Convertible Desk to Dining Table

desks convert to dining table diy

This convertible desk to dining table is a great design for smaller spaces, as seen here in a tiny house. It is basically 2 desks, hinged at the back and when pushed together create a small square dining table!  We love the added drawers for desk mode, which make it easy to clean and put things away, when transitioning to dining mode. 



4.Drop Leaf Storage Table

drop leaf storage table diy

You don't see drop leaf tables much anymore, but we have plans to bring them back! This is a versatile design for smaller spaces with added storage. We added casters so it is easily maneuverable. This is a great design for a 2 person household and when you have company, or you need more space to work, simply flip up the leaves.



5. Indoor Pub Table

pub table diy

We love the look and feel of a pub table. Great with stools and easy to hang out and stand at. This plan is perfect for a beginner if you're looking for that first project! Another good option for small spaces is a square pub table. Reader submitted photo.



6.Counter Height Fancy Farmhouse Table

counter height farmhouse table diy

Who doesn't love a good counter height table and stools? This design looks complicated with all the angles, but it is easier than it looks. Follow the step by step plans and you can build it with ease. This Fancy Farmhouse table is built using basic tools and materials, have fun finishing it with stain or paint! This table has a small footprint for smaller dining rooms or spaces.



7. Round Pedestal Table

pedestal table plans

This gorgeous base allows for seats on all sides.  It's perfect for a nook or even as a main dining table.  Choose a octagon top, or make a round top to fit.



8. 2x4 Truss Style Table

truss style dining table free plans

If you're looking for a rustic dining table, this may be the perfect choice! Using just 2x4 lumber, build a masterpiece that will last for years and years! We have the free bench plans on the site too! 



9. Simple Outdoor Dining Table

simple outdoor dining table plan

Who loves alfresco dining? This simple dining table plan can be used indoors or out. It can be easily modified to fit your space and is another beginner friendly project that can be built in one afternoon. We have you covered with bench and chair plans too!



10. Sawhorse Table

sawhorse dining table plans

This sawhorse table is such a fun design. This would be a great plan for a temporary table set up, where the top is removeable. The two tone finish looks amazing on this design. Use it inside or outside, gather with friends and family, they for sure will be amazed that you built it!



11.Rustic X Dining Table

rustic x dining table

Featuring a large center X detailing, this table is full of character and charm!



12. Coffee Table to Dining Table

coffee table that converts to dining table tiny house furniture

Wait, what? You have got to see this design!

It's a coffee table that can convert into a dining table, click the link, see for yourself! 

Another tiny house plan that solved a lounging and dining issue. This dining table the converts to a coffee table is the perfect solution for a small space that needs to have multiple functions. 



13. Two Tool Farmhouse Table

2 tool beginner farm table

It doesn't get much easier than this! You only need 2 tools to build it, some 2x4's, 2x6's, and screws! You can build this table and be using it the same day! If you love a simple farm style project, this table is easy and has a huge impact for quick additional seating, or everyday meal time. 



14. Outdoor Bar Table

bar height dining table farm style

Looking for an outdoor bar table plan? Here is a simple design to add seating outside. This thing is sturdy and won't blow away in the wind! This bar table can seat up to 8 people, a great way to seat more people in less space. The 4 x 4 legs add a nice feel and look of this design. If used outside be sure to finish it with an exterior finish, we have a great post on finishing outdoor furniture! https://www.ana-white.com/blog/2019/05/outdoor-wood-furniture-finishing-secrets



15. Fancy Farmhouse Table

fancy x farm table

One of our most built plans is this fancy farmhouse table. We love how one plan can produce so many outcomes. This beautiful table will be the centerpiece of your dining experience. Beware, guests may ask you to build them one. Before building yours, check out what others have done to get ideas, share tips and tricks https://ana-white.com/relatedbrags/5785 Reader submitted photo.



16. Industrial Style Farm Table

industrial dining table free plans

This industrial style table can seat up to 8 people. The solid 4x4 legs, simple tabletop and industrial elements, give this table a very sleek edgy farmhouse look. Our original plan is a bit different, if you're looking for an industrial design, check out our Benchright Table Plans too. 



17. Husky Farmhouse Table

husky turned leg farmhouse table plan

The chunky leg design of this husky farmhouse table are what farmhouse dreams are made of. The chippy paint finish, gives an old world feel that will draw you in and invite you to sit and gather with your loved ones. 



18. Square Picnic Table

square picnic table

Not an ordinary picnic table, a picnic table with seating on all 4 sides! The square design brings us closer to those around us! Enjoy a day outdoors, eating and relaxing around the table you just built. We have a video tutorial to help you achieve this build! 



19. Counter Height Farmhouse Table

counter height farmhouse table

As you can see this counter height farmhouse table is for smaller gatherings, seats 4 comfortably. This is our community ice skating warming shack that we built (AKA "skate shack"). We wanted the furnishings to last and be very durable. Kids can be found gathering around with their hot chocolate and rosy red cheeks to warm up. This design is sturdy and can be modified to seat more if desired. We see it serving our community for years to come with much use! 



20. Classic Farmhouse Table

classic farmhouse table plans

Our most popular - this simple beauty is a class.  The simple design pared with a beautiful top is all you need for a beautiful dining room.



21. Round Truss Table

round truss table

This round truss table is sure to be a conversation starter! Grab one sheet of plywood, six mending plates, a 2x4 and two 4x4's, and get building. A great plan for smaller spaces with the round table top measuring 48", another plan if you're going for the industrial look and feel! 



22. Octagon Picnic Table

opening seating octagon picnic table

We love picnic tables, we especially love designing picnic tables that are not run of the mill. You know eye catching, "one of a kind", full of character! You will love this octagon picnic table with open seating, be sure to invite 7 of your closest friends to admire your handy work! 



23.Triple Pedestal Farm Table

triple pedestal table

This gorgeous triple pedestal farm table, is sure to be a crowd pleaser. The pretty lines and curved edges are constructed rather easily using off the shelf lumber! A classic design that will be loved and admired for years to come! Reader submitted photo.



24. Vintage Storage Dining Table

vintage storage dining table

This darling vintage farmhouse table will give you the feel of stepping back in time. The added storage is always nice and the compact design is great for a smaller space. Add a charming detail to your home and dining experience. 



25. 4x4 Truss and Beam Table

4x4 beam farm table plans

Truss tables are such a beautiful design element to add to your home and dining area. This truss table is built with 4x4 legs and will last for years. The classic farmhouse feel, lends to the beauty and simplicity of this design. Reader submitted photo.



26. X Base Rectangle Dining Table

x base dining table with free plans

With it's trestle base, this is a great option when used with a banquette or small space, since there's no outside leg.  You'll love the easy build with video.



27. Simplest Farm Table

simplest farm table

If you are looking for a sturdy and simple farm table, this one is a jem!  It is easy to build, very sturdy base, and has a wide planked top.  



28. Modern Farm Table Set

modern farm table plans

This simple set has modern styling and is perfect for a small space!