25+Toy Boxes and Ideas

Kids and toys are a part of life. Keeping a neat and tidy house can be difficult with young children who have toys. 

Toy storage goals.

  • Looks great in any room
  • Easy to access 
  • Easy for children to help pick up their own toys
  • Add storage
  • Quick and easy organization
  • Keep a space tidy

Here are our Top 25 Toy Storage Solutions! We've designed them with kids and parents in mind, making it easy enough to build, but even easier to encourage your little one to pick up their toys when they're done playing! 

Our free step-by-step plans will guide you (even for the beginner woodworker). Each storage solution is made with solid wood, using basic tools and building methods. These Top 25 Toy Storage Solutions are catered to any size home or room, each being customizable for your space.

Our goal is to make your home more functional and beautiful, one project at a time!

Time to clean house!



Bucket Stand Storage

stand display stand toy storage bucket storage

Build a stand to hold buckets, pails or baskets super easy and quick like store displays. Pull a bucket of toys out to play and return it to the stand for easy clean-up! 

Build by Jaime Costiglio



Coffee Table with Toy Trundle

tidy up coffee table toy storage coffee table trundle coffee table

Hidden toy storage in the living room, doubles as a coffee table! This design is friendly for the whole family. It keeps everything in easy reach for play time and the toy trundle makes it easy to clean up in a hurry, we call it "The 20 second tidy up coffee table"! We also have a, apothecary design plan HERE!

Reader Build 



Stuffed Animal Storage

stuffed animal storage tower toy storage stuffed animal zoo

Some kids like toys, some love stuffed animals! This stuffed animal tower is perfect to organize all of those fuzzy friends in a neat and tidy fashion!

Built by Jaime Costiglio



Sort and Stuff Toy Bin

easy diy sort and stuff toy bin

This is one of my favorite toy solutions ever - I'm still using it many years later!  I love that the larger portion is perfect for stuffing bigger toys, but you can use the smaller cubbies for sorting.  And there's a little space on top too.  This is a good plan made from 1x12s, and has held up well.  It would make a great gift.



Wood Bulk Bins

wood bulk bins toy bins storage bins wood storage bins

Bins, bins, bins! Using 1x12 boards create stacking bins, easy to modify for your space. These bins are great for organizational storage for just about anything, today we focus on all the toys. The design includes nice open storage for easy reach and clean up. 



Bedside Book and Toy Storage

Bedside book and toy storage ladder bookshelf

This ladder design bookshelf with toy storage is great for the bedside nighttime storybooks and bedroom play! Nice and compact for any space or room for some extra book and toy storage. 



Stacking Toy Boxes

stackable toy box toy crate

Toy boxes that stack and store, and can be turned over to be used as a play table. Great for small spaces and multiple children!



General Store Style Toy Bin

plans for toy bin

This is a large, versatile toy bin that features many different options for storing toys of all sizes!  It is a plywood based project, but you could also use 1x12s, although it will create narrower storage.



Farmhouse Toybox

farmhouse toybox simple toybox

This beautiful farmhouse toy box is easy to build with common pine boards. We have simplified the design to make this a beginner friendly build! Works great in a living room to double up as a coffee table too. 

Reader Build



Open Closet Toy Storage

open closet storage

Our full width closet plan includes a great space at the bottom for custom storage bins. Perfect for bedroom play and at the perfect height for kids to learn to pick up their toys by themselves. Tuck away when done!




Angled Bookrack and Toybin

toy and book storage

Build your own bookrack with toy bin with our free plans!  Features a upper shelf for sorting books of different sizes, and a generous bottom bin for holding stuffies and larger items. Perfect plan for any part of the house!

Built by JaimeCostiglio.com



9 Cubby Bookshelf

cubby bookshelf toy cubbies

9 big cubbies can store everything from books to toys, this design looks great in any room in the house, with a vintage vibe!



Simple Crate Toybox PLAN

simple cedar toybox simple crate toybox

This plan is the easiest one we have as far as toyboxes go! This quick easy build creates a large storage crate. Have fun with the paint or stain selection and any decorative hardware to get the look you want! Add casters and roll it away when done playing. 



Toy Armoire

toy armoire toy storage

It you aren't wanting open storage this toy armoire is a great solution for any room. Don't be intimidated by the size, we have you covered every step of the way! We've included a plan to add a  drawer insert HERE! 

Built by Shanty 2 Chic 



Rustic Meadows Wood Slanted Toy Bin

beautiful toy bin

This beautiful toy box looks gorgeous in any room!  All 1x boards - this is a premium plan from Rustic Meadows.



Kids Storage Bookshelf

kids storage bookshelf

This simple bookshelf plan with curved top is designed shorter for kid use. The extra storage at the bottom is perfect for toys while the higher shelves can store books or more toy bins/baskets for smaller items. 

Build by Shanty 2 Chic



Little Leaning Bookshelf

little leaning bookshelf with toy storage

Inspired by Land of Nod, this leaning bookshelf is perfect for books and toys. The design is a nice size for a kids room, add the desk for a study space to go with the leaning bookshelf. 

Reader Build



Simple Modern Toybox with Lid

simple modern toybox with lid

A simple toybox is a great solution for many toys and can be kept in any part of the house. Keep in mind, they will dump it...This Land of Nod inspired toybox with hinged lid is not only beautiful, but functional too, add a soft close hinge to keep those little fingers safe!

Reader Build



Toy Bin Nightstand

toy bin and book shelf nightstand

An economical side table or nightstand for a child's room that features a open bin base and two top shelves. Perfect for holding stuffed animals or ball or other toys in the bin, shelves great for books, clocks, art and other toys

Reader Build



6 Cube Organizer

cube organizer

Just say no to the cheap particle board organizers and simply build one of solid wood that will last and last. The design allows so much flexibility for how many units you build, size of bins, height, width, etc. This plan allows for any type of storage imaginable. Use in any room, even as a TV stand to keep the toys in the main living area for easy access and pick up. 

Reader Build



Raised Toy Box

raised toy box

We love this raised toy box!  There's room underneath for stools, storage or bigger toys! This plan is easy to modify the height, width and depth for whatever you want to use underneath.



Toy Train Trundle

toy trundle train trundle

Seen here as a train trundle, this plan is easy to use for extra storage for toys too! A great space saving option, allows children to pull out and play, and push back under the bed when done. This trundle can be made to any size, or add dividers for different types of play!



Upholstered Toybox Ottoman

upholstered storage ottoman

Toybox by day, cozy reading spot by night.  This toybox ottoman features a lift off lid and a large storage compartment.  Use caster wheels to create a moving seating surface and toybox in one.



Coffee Table with Inset Top Storage

storage coffee table lego coffee table inset top storage coffee table

This beautiful coffee table has a secret!  The top panels remove, with lots of storage inside.  We love it as a play table (legos and lincoln logs anyone?) or a workcenter for your laptop, or just a place to store board games, toys, extra blankets, or magazines.  



Open Base Storage Bin

open base storage bin toy storage cubby storage

I like to call these "clean your own room" bins for preschoolers. They may not be old enough to organize, but even toddlers can stuff stuffed animals into these bins. Use this open storage base on it's own or combine with bookshelves, a hutch or cubbies! This open shelf bin holds tons of toys and can be easily modified for any space!



Storage Wall System

diy pottery barn kids toy storage

For that Pottery Barn Kids look on a budget, build your own toy storage wall system!  This is an entire collection of plans.

25+Toy Boxes and Ideas