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Yesterday, as my husband and I took a 700 mile trip to Anchorage, Alaska to the NPR studio, the snow line was creeping down the mountain sides in the Alaska Range and leaves were fluttering off trees.  Seasons are changing. For the few year that I lived in California along the coast, one of the most difficult parts was the amazing weather.  Everyday was sunshine.  The season are very subtle, unlike the harsh, dramatic seasons of my home in Alaska.  And because winter was never just around

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After looking at air fares in agony from Alaska to Florida, I sat down at my desk and wrote a dreaded email: This email sat on my desktop, in an open window for a days.  It guilted me.  I was torn. Because going to the conference was too selfish.  We would be using our family's yearly vacation fund on just me.  And the guilt was too much.  I'm a mom, my priority is my family. So I convinced myself, as much as I wanted to go, despite the great opportunity to learn and meet

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